Thanks for Your Help!

What  a relief after you've rearranged our kitchen!  I didn't realize how much  redundancy we had accumulated until you showed up. Now we can find what  we're looking for without the frustration of rummaging through drawers  and cabinets overloaded with assorted unrelated items. 

You arrived on time and did an and efficient job with a cheerful attitude and at a  reasonable cost.  I would recommend you to anyone who can use help with  putting  order into their home. 

Steven R.  |   Encinitas, CA

Wish I Had Known About You Earlier!

Just a note of many thanks for showing me the basics about organizing my limited workspace.  

Before you, I compulsively kept papers of all sorts stashed under my desk- what a mess!  But with your patient training, I was able to change my attitude about “letting go” of all that paper.  Furthermore, I am now confident that I can do my job more neatly and comfortably, since I don’t have those boxes of papers under my desk anymore! 

Naomi K.  |  Rancho Bernardo, CA

I will definitely use Carol's service again.

I was in great need of help and felt I was drowning in piles of paper.  There were many items that I had not had time to organize, and then I inherited my parents' massive paper files upon my dad's death. 

Carol came in and systematically began helping me, pile by pile.  She gave me guidance on how to purge the unnecessary.  At the end of the day, we had created categories and sub-categories.  What started as an overwhelming mess was put into a calm and smart system.

Beke J.  |  San Pedro, CA

I Absolutely, Emphatically Recommend Carol!

I hired Carol to help me clean out my 1 2/2 garage so that I could park my car and move my washer and dryer and other things stored in there.

Carol is full of energy, but she adjusted to my pace, so I didn't feel stressed or overwhelmed.  We worked just one wall at a time.  

After everything was out in the driveway, I had to justify putting each item back into the garage.  It was then that I realized that there was literally ‘junk’ that had been stored in our garage for close to 40 years that we have never used.  In couple of cases, I did not even know what some items were or what they were used for.

It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Getting rid of useless items was liberating, and the feeling of accomplishment was just wonderful.

Toshiye E.  |  North Park, CA

Entertaining & Energizing Speaker!

Carol's presentation was motivating and fun to listen to.  She shared useful information and practical, hands-on tips for organizing.  She kept the audience engaged with humor and personal stories that related to our audience. 

Carol's welcoming personality made it easy for moms to ask specific questions and get suggestions about individual situations. 

 She is a clearly gifted communicator.  After the presentation, I received feedback from many inspired moms who took action immediately and put Carol’s tips to use. 

Thank you, Carol! 

Cassie W., BVCC MOPS Coordinator

Bonita Valley, CA

Carol is Amazing!

I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the task ahead...cleaning out my garage.  The morning Carol came over, we talked and came up with a plan, a vision, for my garage space.  I instantly felt relief.

We got to work right away and by the time Carol left, I felt excited and joyful because my vision was coming to fruition! 

   It is more than just organizing; it’s about creating a sense of calm & order that flows into all areas of your life. 

Carol is excellent at bringing hope and confidence and walking you through the process!  Thank you, Carol!

Terri F.  |  Rancho Bernardo, CA