Services and Rates

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The Organizer Gal provides services that help you:

  • Set up your Home Office
  • Design Filing & Paper Management Systems
  • Organize Garage and Attic
  • Purge and Reset Bathrooms, Bedrooms, and Closets                                                       
  • Assess and re-order Closets and Drawers
  • Simplify and streamline your Kitchen and Pantries
  • Consolidate your Media Room and Collections
  • Plan Space and Storage Solutions
  • Downsize for moving/relocation
  • Unpack and set up your new home

The Organizer Gal spends focused, off-site time both before and after each session.

While others may charge separately for many of the below off-site services, The Organizer Gal includes these services into your full-service session fee.

What's included?

  • Initial Goal Setting
  • Daily Summary of Organizing Accomplishments (emailed same night)                        
  • Follow-up Action Plans
  • System Planning & Space Design
  • Delivery of Donations & Bulk Shredding
  • Container shopping & returns
  • Preparing File Folder Labels
  • “Where did we put this?” on-call service


The Needs Assessment (your first session): $300

This first session is an assessment of your unique situation, your desired goals, the scope of your project, and your personal organizing preferences and design style.   

Built into the Needs Assessment is a mini-organizing session. Along with the on-site tips, customized strategies, and helpful resources, we will organize an area of your home or office.  By the end of this session, you will see a dramatic difference in your area set-up and learn helpful tricks to maintain that space.  You will receive an emailed action plan that details time-specific goals.  This keeps the excitement and momentum strong as your desired outcome becomes your reality.

Because more project planning and follow-up review is required for The Needs Assessment, this fee is a little higher than the Standard Organizing Session. 

Standard Organizing Session: $240

Four on-site hours with Daily Summary (to be emailed on the same night)

Extension time to any session: $60.00 per additional “on-site” hour (if not already prepaid)

Retainer Savings Packages

Retainer Plans help you not only save money, but allow you to plan ahead for current, ongoing, or future organizing projects.

Purchase the Retainer Plan Packages below, and then break them down into manageable three-, four- or five- hour, pre-paid sessions. I will always keep a current time log so that you know exactly how many hours you have remaining in your package after each session.

                12- Hour Package  =   $698:  save $22

                20- Hour Package  =  $1140:  save $60

                32- Hour Package  =  $1,785:  save $135

                40- Hour Package  =  $2160:  save $240  



Full payment is due by end of each session unless a retainer plan is established (see “Retainer Plans”).

  • Cash or Check only
  • Checks made payable to: The Organizer Gal.