Before & After: Home

Before: Living Room

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The Living Room was being used as a drop-zone:  laundry, groceries, store purchases, backpacks, gifts, etc.  

Before: Ktichen


If an item was used, it was left on the kitchen counter.  Or on the kitchen island.  Or on top of the fridge.  Or the window sill...

Before: Garage

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Wouldn't you love to get both cars in your garage?  What to do with all this stuff that you paid money for but that you don't really use anymore?

After: Living Room


We reduced the novelties on entertainment center, then moved it to the corner.  This presented a more attractive focal point.  Rearranging the furniture better defined the living room.

After: Kitchen


Ahhh, plenty of space to rest your eyes.  The only items on the counters are the things that are used every day.  Organized spaces are maintained by developing habits, such as putting something away when you are done using it.

After: Garage


Mission accomplished!  All my clients agree that they are actually relieved to exchange  their un-used stuff for parking space in the garage.  I can help you donate, set up for a garage sale, or advise for CraigsList sales.

Before & After: Office

Before: Business Desk


When she accepted her promotion, this client inherited a chaotic office with paper piles literally cascading from the desk to the floor.  

Before: Home Office


Do you ever start working on a project, then think up another great project and start to work on that, too?  Pretty soon, your materials become overwhelming and paralyzing.

Before: Bookcase


This bookcase was used to store office supplies, mail, photos in boxes, luggage, decor, gifts, purchases to be returned, and memorabilia.

After: Business Desk


Papers were categorized, then given a home (in either the shredder or a logical filing system).

Now, only the tools that she uses regularly at her desk remain on her desk.

After: Home Office


White space is good in a home office!  Open space makes you feel relaxed, motived, and more in control. 

After: Bookcase


What a difference!  It's now a pleasure to visually drink in the beauty of this purposefully sectioned bookcase.