About Me


Who is Carol The Organizer Gal?

Nothing thrills me like purging piles of papers or sorting stacks of stuff!    Paper is my specialty, but I’ve also got a soft spot for kitchen gadgets and bedroom closets.  The greatest satisfaction, however, is watching my clients relish the joy of their beautifully reclaimed and efficient space.   

Before my dream job, my work life revolved around the hospitality and administrative industries.  Jobs included Sales Support, Tour Director, Events Coordinator, Pastor’s Secretary, Office Manager, and School Administrator. That translates to lots of fine details and a high level of confidentiality.  Through the years, I've become adept at creating simple yet efficient ways to accomplish everyday tasks, routines, and special events.

My Eureka! moment arrived in 2007, when I helped a friend transform a five-drawer, overstuffed file cabinet into 3 drawers of neatly labeled files,  complete with colored tabs, dividing the files into broad categories.  What a thrill!  Since then, I’ve helped Realtors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Seniors, and Domestic Goddesses transform their offices and homes into spaces of streamlined and attractive efficiency.  I’d love to do the same for you!

As a Professional Organizer, I am:  

  • Trained:  by NAPO, Preferred Organizers, and industry workshops
  • Experienced and Skilled:  in Residential and Small Business 
  • Compassionate:  welcoming, non-judgmental, encouraging
  • Dedicated: to lifelong learning, excellence, and my clients

Raised in Los Angeles, I now reside in San Diego with my magnificent teenagers and a feisty cat.  I am a dedicated, funny, and encouraging Jesus follower, daughter, sister, mother, auntie, and friend.  Between guiding clients along their organizing journey, family and church activities, and swimming, I make time for reading inspiring books, discovering fun activities in San Diego, and luxuriating in fresh air and God’s creation. 

Carol's Philosophy


Yes You Can!

Here to Help, Not to Judge

Here to Help, Not to Judge

No one is beyond hope.  Everyone can learn to be organized.


Here to Help, Not to Judge

Here to Help, Not to Judge

Here to Help, Not to Judge

I meet you where you're at. Let's leave the past where it belongs, and start making your future!


Clarity and Confidence

Here to Help, Not to Judge

Clarity and Confidence

Ordered space and reliable routines are the gateway to clarity and confidence- rewards that every person deserves.

Abiding Code of Ethics

Client Relationships

  • I will respect my clients, their spaces, and will remain non-judgmental throughout all interactions.

  • I will only provide services in areas in which I am competent and knowledgeable.

  • If other professionals are needed, I will do my best to connect you with qualified individuals and/or companies.

  • All fees for services will be honestly represented and provided upfront.


  • Any and all client information will be held with the utmost of confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone.  
  • Client testimonials and/or photos will only be used with explicit permission provided by the client.


  • Any and all fees associated with services will be provided upfront and never hidden.
  • For any change in fee structure, a 60-day notice will be provided to existing clients and only effective towards new projects not within original agreement.  
  • I will not financially benefit from any products and/or services recommended.