Carol The Organizer Gal in San Diego for Home Organizing

A Professional Organizer to help you declutter, sort, purge, prioritize, and organize your home or office

Reclaim your space, time, and peace of mind

Frustrated by the ongoing cycle of mess and stress?

You've been wanting to get rid of the clutter your closet/kitchen/office/garage/fill-in-the-blank organized, but:

  • The sight of the piles & stacks makes You feel overwhelmed
  • You don't know where to start
  • Other obligations compete for your time 
  • Just the thought of starting sends you running to the medicine cabinet for aspirin


Let's Get Your Home & Office in Order!

  • No more piles / stacks / heaps!
  • A home for everything that is important to you
  • Find what you need, when you need it, every time!
  • Feel confident about having guests 'drop in'!
  • Breathe in the calm and clarity of White Space

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